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About us

Our School

The faculty and staff of LWCS, as well as the trustees of Church of Living Waters, recognize the vital need for a Christian school in the Richmond-Rosenberg area. Such a school is needed to provide an environment in which children and youth can freely choose to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. We offer a quality academic education while molding Christian character in students. This program will prepare leaders who will impact the future.


Gene and Betty Jo Frank, founding pastors of Church of Living Waters, founded Living Water Christian School in 1984, following many years of prayer. The school opened on September 2, 1984, at it's present location. The school began with grades K4 and K5 combined and first and second grades combined, with a faculty consisting of two teachers. Today, the school offers classes from Infancy through eighth grade.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a quality academic education in a Christian environment that prepares students to find their identity in Christ, to become socially responsible citizens, and to become all God has created them to be. 

The primary purpose and goal of Living Water Christian School is to promote Excellence in Life through a quality education and by training the students in the knowledge and ways of God that will help them become all that God intended him or her to be.

Principal's Message

Greetings to LWCS families! We are off to a fabulous 2023-2024 school year! I'm so blessed to serve as your Principal. I look forward to all that God has in store for the students, families and staff of LWCS. It's a new season of change. This school year our school theme is "Riding The Waves Together!" LWCS mascot is the dolphin. The dolphin is a unique mammal because he knows how to ride the waves with grace and flexibility. Together as a LWCS community we will emulate many of the dolphins characteristics. We will be a collaborative, creative, critical thinking, and problem solving learning pod working together for the success of all our LWCS community!

Our Administrative Team

LWCS administrative team is here to serve our students, staff, and stakeholders. Our vision is to come along side our families to create students that are life long learners with a passion for serving God.  

School Team

At Living Water Christian School, excellence is not just a goal; it's a way of life for our exceptional staff. With unwavering dedication, they bring their passion for education and spirituality to the forefront, ensuring that every child's journey is marked by academic achievements and spiritual growth. Through their commitment, expertise, and nurturing guidance, the staff at Living Water Christian School shines as a beacon of inspiration, empowering students to excel not only in their studies but also in their personal and spiritual development.

What we offer

Contact Us

We appreciate your interest in contacting us and we are eager to assist you with any inquiries you may have. To get in touch, click the button below.

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