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LWCS has now adopted a Continuous Enrollment policy for returning students, which means we will not be asking you to complete or submit necessary paperwork. This will not only help the school admissions team to function more efficiently, but it will also make the process easier for all our families.

Here is a quick outline of what this will mean for our returning families:

  • A decision will be made by January 15th whether you will enroll your child for the following year.

  • All families who will continue in our school will have books and registration fees charged on their account monthly beginning in August through May.

  • This means you will not have to make separate registration and book fee payments during the summer.

  • Instead of going through the re-enrollment process every year, you will only need to update the parent portal by updating the re-enrollment form with any changes that may be updated for us.

  • We will send reminders about this in December.

  • If a family decide to withdraw their child from the next school year, monthly payments will be recalculated from
    February through May tuition fees to reimburse for the fees already taken out for the following year.

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