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Blue Skies and Yellow Fields


Friday, April 26th              6:00pm to 8:30pm

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fun-filled events


Games food silent auction.


Wonderful time together

It is a carnival style event for the entire family and community! Please invite all of your friends, family, and neighbors



Wrist bands will be on sale for $15

allowing children a change to play continuously all evening.

Per game tickets will also be on sale.

How it works and how it affects your family:

This is a contractual, mandatory event, requiring parents to participate.

A $150.00 charge will be applied to your child’s account

as a result of non-parent participation.

Here the list of parental responsibilites:

Classroom Booth Assignments

Sell Raffle Tickets Raffle Tickets

All classes will have a game booth parents will

volunteer to work in for a maximum of one hour. Donations would also be

appreciated for give-away prizes at each booth. Suggested items can be stuffed

animals, candy (that won’t melt), and little treasure chest toys.

Donate toward Auction item

Each class will provide an auction item. Parents will

be asked to either give a monetary amount (less than $20) to the auction item or

give an item toward a basket of grouping of items that represent one class.Families

are welcome to donate additional items toward the auction either by donors or

giving an item for the auction themselves. Auction items have endless potential.

We will give out donation forms with our tax id as a tax write off to those who

donate.  Please communicate with us to let us know you would like a donation

form for tax purposes.


a. If you or if you know anyone who would like to donate baked items, please

let us know.

b. Categories:  Cakes, pies, cupcakes, cookies, pie tarts, muffins/sweet bread,


a. Our raffle tickets this year will include a customized Corn Hole game

featuring Jose Altuve and Jeremy Pena of the Astros.

b. Also a beautifully handmade Cast Iron Fire Pit with powder coating with a

moving grate to BBQ.

c. Raffle tickets will be sold prior to the event and also during Christian Fun

Day and the cost is $5 per ticket. 

d. Each student will receive 10 raffle tickets to sell & incentives will be

provided for preschool, elementary and Jr. High levels.


BBQ tickets will be on sale but not required to purchase. Plates will be sold for $12.00

each with 2 meal options: African spicy rice and chicken and/or American Spanish mild

rice and chicken. Meal Includes (Leg quarter, Sausage, Rice, Beans, Bread, Fixings,

Tea /Water)

Kids Meal Dinner Tickets Hot Dog plate: $6. Meal Includes (Hot dog, Chips, Cookie,


LWCS has revised the protocol for Christian Fun Day ticket sales. The raffle and BBQ

tickets must be purchased in advance before they will be sent home with the student.

Bring the raffle stub to school for the night of the event. The other part of the raffle ticket

will get placed in our secure raffle

If you're not able to participate, please contact your child’s teacher and email them


Vendor Information

There is a flat fee of $40 for each 10’x10’ space, with no commission fees.  

A $25 non-refundable deposit is due by April 20, 2024.

Remaining payment and your signed  contract are required prior to booth assignment.


1. All vendors are responsible for liability and compliance with any and all requirements of  State of Texas.  

2. Vendors will need to supply their own tables and chairs as well as anything that needs to be   used by the vendor.  If electricity is needed there will be an additional $10 added.  This will be only be on an availability basis. 

3. We are a Christian entity. All vendors shall exhibit professional manners always.

4. Your booth must be staffed during the entire event: Friday, April 26th, from 6:00 - 8:00.  

5. You are responsible for keeping your booth and are clean at all times. All trash must be  properly disposed of. Your area must be clean following the event. Place all of your  trash in the dumpster located behind the church.  Everything you brought for your booth must be taken away when the event is over. 

Scan to Pay or Click on Pay now to complete your payment

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Are you looking to make a difference in the world?
Consider donating to our cause. Your contribution will help us continue our mission and make positive impact on the lives of those in need by providing scholarships to low income students to attend Living Water Christian School. We are 501(C)(3)

Every little bit counts,

so donate today and be a part of something bigger than yourself.




Thank you for your support! 

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