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Summer Camp 2024


June 3rd - August 9th

8 am - 4 pm

Around the world in 50 days


Field Trip and Extra outgoing each week

  • Daily Devotion

  • Cooking

  • Art & Craft

  • STEM Activities

  • Age: 5 - 12

  • Registration $150

  • Weekly: $175

  • Per day: $45



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season pass

We’ll be going to Typhoon Texas every week.

This will be so much fun for the kids. I know a season pass seems like a big financial commitment.


This is what the pass includes:

  • Exclusive 30-minute early access to the park,

  • 15% Off Food and Drinks,

  • Discounted Guest Tickets,

  • Cashless Pay Wristband, and

  • a Discount In-Park Coupon loaded onto your wristband!


The price of a pass will be $74.99. We will go every week of summer camp, (10 weeks) which will be broken down to $7.50 for each visit.


We will have you pay the money to our registrar (Mrs. Sharon) so we can pay for all of them together and get a $10 discount for each pass.


We will also be going to the George Memorial Library every Tuesday.

  • The kids will be involved in the weekly activities and summer reading program.

  • We need each parent to make sure your child has a library card.

  • They check out books through their library card.

  • Unfortunately, you can’t sign them up for one online.

  • You will have to go to the library and they will have a Library Card Application for you to sign.

  • After they have their card they’ll be set for the summer.

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Hot Lunch available

We provide cafeteria food each day “Hot lunch” for a fee of $3.50 if you choose to order from us. Your child will need to bring a sack lunch on our field trip days. They will also need a snack for the afternoon as most of the children get hungry toward the end of the day.

Other Field Trips 

We also go on a field trip each week that is separate from Typhoon Texas.

We usually send out a permission slip at the beginning of the summer and you can check off which trip your child will be attending.

Also, you can check off if you or your spouse will be going. We need you to sign the slip which is written consent that your child can leave the property with us.


If for some reason you forgot to sign a field trip slip and your child is supposed to go, an email consent will suffice. Stating “I (Insert your name) consent to my child going on the field trip and give the date.


Unfortunately, due to last summer, some parents decided to hop on the field trip at the last minute, we do ask that you sign off on a parent going by 6/05/24. This is the deadline.

If you decide the day of that you want to go on the field trip you will need to drive and pay for yourself.

Children Playing Tug of War
Children Embracing in Circle


Our Field trips are what make our summer camp memorable, and are most likely your child’s favorite part of the summer. With that being said most of our trips are outdoors. Last summer was one of the hottest summers we’ve experienced.


To ensure your child is the most comfortable

I suggest you bring these things for those days:

  • Closed toe-shoes,

  • 2 Water bottles,

  • a Hat,

  • Sunscreen,

  • Bug spray, and

  • Sunglasses.

Register Now

Complete Registration Form

  • Online registration 

  • Birth Certificate - Bring the original and we will make a copy. 

  • Immunization Record or Affidavit from the state of TX (Waiver of Liability and Health Screening Agreement) signed by a notary.

  • Financial Agreement

  • All camp fees must be prepaid before field trips & Drop-In

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